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It is our aim to find the best tenants for you based on your personal and professional requirements, and the type of property you are letting. Our team are committed to making sure we match your exact tenant requirements.

We will liaise with numerous people including relocation agents and any potential employers to enable us to find the right property for their needs and requirements.

Depending on your situation, needs, requirements, and the property itself, we will do all we can to find a solution for you. Our lettings service offers:

Longer secure tenancies

Some of our tenants are under long tenancies, meaning that they rent the property for a longer than average time. This results in added security and a constant income for you.

Short time tenancies

We have tenants in search of a property to rent for only a few months, for many reasons. Tenants like this are typically happy to pay landlords a higher rate to secure this requirement.

Direct rent payments from employers

Sometimes a tenant’s employer may pay their rental costs. This means that you gather the rent on the stated day from a dependable source without the worry of missed payments.

We will take care of everything for you

Our welcoming and dedicated team at Prime Estates will help you fast-track everything from the negotiation stage to the signing of the contract.

Complete peace of mind

Our team are ready to take care of every step for you, including the property maintenance during the tenancy agreement period. We will take care of it all, so you have complete peace of mind once the contract is signed.